Meet Poizon, China’s latest ecommerce platform

Rivalries in the digital landscape have intensified of late. Local e-commerce giants and social media platforms are diversifying their business models to optimize revenue streams, while some early adopters in the luxury sector have expanded their presence beyond WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall. Social commerce is changing. Emerging platforms are part of this. Poizon, in particular, has great potential — now home to China’s largest online streetwear community. How best, then, for luxury houses to navigate it?

What it is

Poizon is a fully-fledged fashion marketplace for authentic sneakers, apparel, bags, watches, and accessories from designer labels and luxury brands, as well as artwork. Before this, Poizon started as a content-sharing community with an emphasis on streetwear when it was founded in 2015. Two years later, the platform made its foray into e-commerce and rolled out dedicated authentication. It is this journey that has allowed for its unique business model. Based on two pillars, namely community and shopping, this facilitates a clear and efficient content-to-commerce closed loop.

What it offers

Each order made on Poizon has to go through a verification and quality inspection process. This means the seller must send the products to the platform’s professional authenticators; items which pass the process come with a set of Poizon-branded packaging including an exclusive certificate of authenticity, a tamper-resistant cable tie, and custom packaging. Moreover, Poizon has the world’s largest AR shoe model library. Its “AR try-on” function is used by 30 percent of customers every day, according to Poizon’s data. With their phone cameras, consumers can intuitively feel the size, details, and even the actual effect of the product. Poizon customers can use the AR try-on feature to explore different sneaker models. Photo: Poizon’s Weibo What makes it different

In targeting the younger generation, Poizon is only available on mobile […]

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