Make Google happy with these 3 SEO tips for eCommerce

The eCommerce world is more saturated than ever. As a result of lockdown, the global eCommerce business is worth around £19.6 billion, and it doesn’t look like things are about to change.

While your eCommerce business has a better chance than ever of thriving, competition is also higher than ever, so your business must do everything it can to ‘make Google happy’ and rank highly on search engines.

But Google’s mood is forever changing, so it’s important to stay ahead of the trends. Here are some tips you can use to make Google happy with your eCommerce website.

Allow testimonials and reviews

Most, if not all of us look to reviews when making an online purchase, especially from a company we’ve never purchased from before. But if you see a company with many different reviews all praising the product or the company, you’re much more likely to buy.

If you haven’t already, add testimonials and reviews to your site. This boosts the chances of new business, and also makes Google happy because it will see that your website is reputable.

To get more customers to leave reviews, why not incentivise them by offering them discounts when they leave a review?

Speed up your site Think about this. How many websites have you tried to access only to get fed up with waiting for it to load? If your website runs slow, customers are much less likely to hang around. Spend the time working with a professional website designer to find ways to increase the speed of your site, such as optimising your images and allowing browser caching.Google also loves a speedy website, so this optimisation is sure to make Google happy. Add video content Although creating video content might be a hassle, it’s essential if you want your eCommerce website to make Google […]

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