Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo: What’s better for your eCommerce brand?

At Budai Media, my team and I have helped hundreds of eCommerce businesses grow their brand using Klaviyo email marketing.

Personally, I’m a big advocate for Klaviyo since they’re a very data-driven tool with advanced AI and analytics capabilities that can help a brand accurately track the performance of its email marketing campaigns.

Here’s why I believe that Klaviyo is the right choice for eCommerce brands:

⭐They offer highly behavior-based email automations.

⭐Klaviyo allows you to give personalized discounts.

⭐Offers an option to enable dynamic content, and has more design templates.

Let me share an example of how we helped one of our UK-based skincare clients generate an extra $90K in revenue in just 90 days by migrating their email marketing to Klaviyo.

Our client already had a list of about 70-80,000 email subscribers, but they weren’t too active with their email marketing.We migrated their list to Klaviyo and added 15 new automated flows for their customers.We also set up popups on their website to capture incoming website traffic . This helped in automating the process of generating extra revenue.Along with this we worked on a comprehensive email strategy to grow their brand and build trust for their product. This was done by sending out additional email campaigns and sorting out through their list to create audience segments for optimizing their targeting.We collaborated with them to create a quiz and a trial package for their products to increase curiosity and buzz around their product.By implementing a detailed out and consistent email strategy, we were able to help this brand generate 50% of its total revenue through just Klaviyo email marketing. We achieved this in just 90 days!Do you have any more questions about email marketing?Let me know in the comments below!I’ll see you again next week with some more tips and real-life experiences from the world […]

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