How to start an eCommerce business in the UK?

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Now let’s get started…

eCommerce was once considered a luxury when many people, including myself, preferred to get their shopping done in person by visiting high street stores. When COVID-19 hit, many norms changed, including the way we shop. Moreover, some high street shops that were once our favorites closed and might never open again, while hundreds of eCommerce businesses have been opening over the past few months worldwide. In addition, startups in this space have been creative to shape the new era of shopping. This includes features such as the “Try it at Home” or “Buy Now, Pay Later” that have made eCommerce more popular or even the norm.

According to a study done by Statista , eCommerce sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% in the next 4 years. The figure below shows the estimated sales for eCommerce in the next few years. Although I believe 2023 will have lower sales than shown in the below figure due to the upcoming recession, the overall market remains trending upward. Do you want to know why I expect a recession from H2 2022 to 2023? Read my article ” Be Recession Ready .” Now that the figures show that eCommerce is trending upwards let’s see how one can get started.

I have broken the journey into 7 simple steps to get an eCommerce store up and ready:

Step 1: […]

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