How to Rank Seasonal Ecommerce Products

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Google’s John Mueller answered a question about the difficulties of ranking seasonal products, mentioning how they suspected that structured data might be the reason. John responded with actionable suggestions for how to get seasonal product pages indexed and ranked. Seasonal Product Pages

The person asking the question related how their ecommerce client sold seasonal products, such as bakery products specific to various holidays.

They related how Google’s structured data requirements resulted in a yellow warning in Google’s structured data test, warning of recommended structured data fields that were missing.

The person handling the SEO suggested that this was causing the seasonal product pages to not rank. Google’s John Mueller Explaining How to Rank Seasonal Content

The problem was summarized as: “In other words, the page can be crawled but not submitted, indexed or ranked.” John Mueller first confirmed that the incomplete structured data would not prevent the seasonal product page from ranking.He stated that even if the HTML was broken that that would not be a factor to influencing against the page being indexed. Mueller stated: “The page can definitely be indexed, even if some of the structured data markup is wrong. The page can be indexed even if the HTML itself is completely broken.” How to Rank Seasonal Products on Google Mueller next turned his attention to providing helpful suggestions for how to rank seasonal products on Google. “The other part I think is something that is useful to look at specifically for ecommerce sites, in that it’s very helpful for us to understand what you would consider to be important across a website. That means when we look at a website, if you show […]

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