How to Integrate SMS into Email Marketing

SMS marketing is booming. The rise of smartphones and text messaging provided a new vehicle for companies to communicate with customers. Slowly, short message service — SMS, synonymous with text messaging — has supplemented many companies’ email marketing efforts.

In this post, I’ll review how to integrate SMS into your email program. SMS vs. Email

Email marketing is effective because it directly connects to a customer or prospect. Nowadays, most recipients receive emails on their smartphones, making the channel even more effective.

However, email has challenges that SMS does not. First, email senders face deliverability hurdles. Senders are at the mercy of large email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others that control the filtering or blocking of messages. Recent statistics show that 99% of email users check their inboxes daily. Still, senders wait until a subscriber checks and then hope she reads the content.

SMS offers near-instant communication. Most recipients read text messages very soon after arriving. Wearable smartwatches mean text-message recipients no longer have to be near their phones. The immediacy and intimacy of SMS translate into a powerful way to connect with consumers. Launching SMS

SMS can provide superior customer service. Examples include the hospitality industry confirming reservations and airlines updating passengers on flight status. Airlines use SMS to update passengers on flight status. This example is from United. The first step in implementing SMS is to confirm customers want to receive those messages. Many ecommerce brands use SMS for basic order info. Customers often prefer that method for shipping and other updates. So it’s a good idea to provide this option during checkout. Customers often prefer shipping and other updates via text. So it’s a good idea to provide this option during checkout. Beyond transactional info, SMS can be an effective marketing channel provided, again, customers want to […]

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