Guidelines For The Perfect eCommerce Hero Image

If you visit a new website today, chances are that among the many metrics that you might use to judge it, visual appeal is one of them. It will not even take you more than 0.05 seconds before you have formed an opinion.

This means that as a website owner or even a web developer, you need to ensure that the hero image of your website – this is the first image people see when they visit your website – is perfectly designed to avoid losing website visitors.

The perfect eCommerce hero image plays a crucial role in creating a good impression on your customers. You should use this image to show your brand identity, the theme of your business, and what your business deals with.

But how do you create the perfect eCommerce hero image? What are some important tips for you to follow? Be Effective With Image Color

As an eCommerce business, you have selected a color or a number of them in the process of building a brand for your business . This is the color that your eCommerce website visitors will use when judging your brand.

This means that when creating a hero image for the eCommerce site, you need to make sure that the image reflects the colors of your brand. For instance, if your brand color is blue, you do not need to have yellow hero images. You can, however, mix the colors.

However, you can also use color to create an emotional appeal or create a certain character using your hero image. When doing that, consider mixing colors with your brand color. For example, you can use red to create passionate emotions. Clarity is Very Important

One of the main reasons for including a hero image on your eCommerce website is to ensure that your site visitors […]

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