Focus on Ecommerce: Do I need terms of use on my website?

As we explained in one of our recent ecommerce blogs , website terms of use are the terms and conditions that govern the way all visitors to your website or app actually use it. It’s recommended that you include terms of use on your website because they help you to set out guidelines for how customers and other visitors should use your website.

Although there’s no legal requirement for your website to put terms of use in place, having them will help to protect your business from users copying your content or using the website in an undesirable way.

Reasons to have terms of use on your website

Website terms of use safeguard your business by: protecting your site from unauthorised use;

setting guidelines for how the public and/or your users can post or submit content to your site;

protecting your intellectual property from being copied or used in a way you don’t intend; and

limiting your liability to users of the website if they have any problems with your site (like their computer getting a virus after they’ve used your site).

Although website terms of use are not a legal requirement, they are a key way of protecting your business and helping your site run efficiently and successfully.You can use our template to create your website terms of use. It includes terms such as a copyright notice to protect the contents of your website and a general disclaimer to help protect you from liability. It also includes clauses to protect you from users that submit content to your website in an undesirable way. See this blog for further guidance on what your terms of use should include, how to draft them, and how to change and update them. Other policies alongside your website terms of use Your terms of […]

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