Email Marketing Tips: 3 Things Every Top Ecommerce Store Has That Yours Should Too

Many eCommerce brands make this mistake and…

It’s costing them thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

Here’s how you can use these 3 vital revenue-boosting features to skyrocket your store’s revenue from email marketing to at least 25% of your monthly recurring revenue.

If you have an eCommerce brand, you should have something in your email marketing.

The top eCommerce brands know how important it is, so they pay thousands of dollars to get it right.

But I’m going to show you (completely free) three things you can do to boost your MRR by a couple of thousand dollars starting next month.

So what do the top eCommerce brands have in place?

It’s simple…They have a high-converting welcome flows setup in their ESP.You might be thinking it’s simple and not something special.But you’d be amazed at the number of eCommerce stores that don’t have welcome flows set up and turned on.And if your store doesn’t have welcome flows, you should get them done immediately.And if your store does, be sure to read till the end…You can still learn a thing or two from what I’m about to share with you.And it could be all you need to hit your revenue goal for 2022.Listen,Your welcome emails are the first chance you get to build the KLT for your brand.KLT stands for Know, Like, and TrustAnd why are they important?It’s pretty simple,If new subscribers don’t know much about your store, they won’t buy from you.Instead, they’ll prefer to buy from the stores they know about.This is why your welcome series is an excellent chance to tell them all they need to know about your eCommerce store.It’s also paramount because…If they don’t know you, they have no reason to like you.And if they don’t like you, why should they spend their hard-earned money in an online store they don’t […]

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