Editorial Newsletters Are the New Blogs

Editorial newsletters are having a moment. For content marketers, this apparent renaissance may be an opportunity to engage an audience and attract subscribers.

The creator economy has produced several email newsletter stars, including Packy McCormick and Sahil Bloom. These creators and others — podcasters, social media-ites — have strong connections with their readers, some of whom even pay to subscribe.

Creator newsletters differ from what one might get from a publisher because they have a personal quality. It’s similar to the relationship between a TikTok influencer and her audience or Eric Bandholz’s connection with the “ Ecommerce Conversations ” podcast audience.

These newsletters not only inform the reader of something. They express a personal point of view.

Content marketers who are not out to build a personal brand can use some of these approaches to attract, engage, and retain an audience of customers and prospects. The New Blogs

Content marketers are familiar with blogs, a staple of search engine optimization and engagement.

Men’s fashion retailer Mr Porter publishes “The Journal,” which readers might describe as a blog. In some sections, it is barely distinguishable from GQ magazine. For example, one post by Mr Porter titled “20 Summer-Minded Items To Brighten Your Mood” resembles GQ Magazine’s article, “20 Most Wanted Pieces of the Season.” Mr Porter’s “The Journal” could be described as a blog, but it is also a publication written by several authors, similar to a traditional publisher. GQ Magazine, first published in 1931 in print form, has several articles — particularly online — that differ little from Mr Porter’s “The Journal.” Blogs (short for “weblogs”) were once personal journals from individuals. The posts could explain search engine optimization in one installment and a favorite vacation spot in the next.

This style is what many creator newsletters do now.Consider Sahil Bloom. His newsletter, “The Curiosity […]

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