Cybersecurity Analysis: Why it’s Important for your e-Commerce Business?

Do you know that e-commerce businesses are the ultimate target for cybercriminals?

Hackers cast a wide net of cyberattacks to access customers’ personal and sensitive data like bank account details, email addresses, contact numbers, etc. If they succeed in hitting the bull’s eye, they can misuse that data for personal use, involving crimes and frauds. Even worse, they can demand ransom by keeping your data hostage.

Cybercrime is at its peak and isn’t likely to stop any time soon. While your e-Commerce business will always be vulnerable to cyberattacks, you can take some precautionary measures by performing an in-depth cybersecurity analysis of your business.

Let’s check out why cybersecurity analysis is important for businesses of all sizes. Why Is a Cybersecurity Analysis Necessary?

Cybersecurity analysts ensure the scrutinization of the security system of e-commerce businesses. They assess all the possible security risks and vulnerabilities in your business and highlight how a cybercriminal can invade it.

One of the common mistakes that most e-Commerce businesses make is putting cybersecurity in cold storage. 54% of businesses simply assume they are too small to become victims of a cyberattack.

However, the fact is, small e-Commerce businesses are a favorite target of black hats, aiming 43% of cyberattacks at them, according to a report of CNBC news.

And what’s even more worrisome is that 60% of small businesses that become victims of cyberattacks, get forced to shut down within half a year, as per the US National Cyber Security Alliance report.There is no specified timing for a cyberattack to happen, and no one can anticipate them.Cybercriminals can easily infiltrate networks with weak security. If e-Commerce businesses don’t have a solid defense plan, they can easily be targeted by cybercriminals.Despite how important it is for businesses to implement cybersecurity, 54% of all small companies don’t implement any defensive plans to […]

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