Cross-Border Payments Help eCommerce Merchants Navigate China’s Business Complexities

When crisis hits, the corporate survival instinct kicks in.

LianLian Global Executive Chairman David Messenger told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that the pressures of the pandemic have underscored the challenges of navigating supply chains.

Increasingly, companies across all manner of verticals — but particularly for United States firms operating in eCommerce — are presented with opportunity in the form of new, far-flung markets and customer bases.

But along with those opportunities arise challenges.

“Obviously there is a long cycle that takes shape across borders — especially in terms of getting inventory in place and shipping it,” he said.

To be successful, eCommerce companies must be “local” to their consumers and suppliers, offering preferred payment methods, interacting in the local language, with a presence across all online channels, well beyond the confines of, say, Amazon.

Up until recently, Messenger said, many cross-border sellers had been reliant on only a few larger marketplaces, spanning Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other marquee names. But increasingly, and especially amid the pandemic, several channels have proved attractive to sellers, including Sea and Allego, to name two.

Operating as a B2B outfit, LianLian has partnerships in place with those players, simplifying the process of setting up digital storefronts. That initial launch can be done in a matter of days, not months, he added. The Evolution But now, many sellers coming out of the pandemic want to focus on building their own brands, cementing direct customer relationships.Along the way, said Messenger, merchants have moved beyond the simple act of setting up eCommerce operations and have been evolving to become something bigger, as firms broaden their revenue streams to include not just B2C but B2B too.“Especially for larger cross-border sellers — where they have an established base and their own channels — they want to open things up and become marketplaces,” said Messenger. “We’re seeing […]

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