Courageous guides Sale bike maker into world of ecommerce

Sale carbon bike maker NorthRoad Cycles has taken its first steps into the world of ecommerce alongside fellow Manchester agency Courageous.

The new website gives NorthRoad Cyles its first eCommerce offering since the business was set up in a shed in 2016, and will allow it to grow sales for their British-built range of road and off-road bikes.

NorthRoad Cycles, founded by Ian Stewart and Jane Holdship, is a specialist maker of custom, hand-built bikes each of which is unique thanks to being sprayed and painted by hand.

Courageous designed the website to showcase their range of bikes, which will soon include the first-ever fully recycled aluminium bike available in the UK. Each bike’s page features stunning photography and allows customers to carry out full customisation and purchase their bike securely online.

NorthRoad Cycles marketing manager Stephen Turner said he selected Courageous after encountering a number of web agencies who “seemed to want to tell me how to run my business.”

Turner said: “I really appreciate the hard work and honesty that I got from Darren [Ratcliffe, Courageous MD] and the team. It was important to us, as a plucky Manchester business, to work with someone like-minded. I was told ‘no’ a few times and in each instance ‘no’ turned out to be the right answer! There was never a no dressed up as a yes, which is something I truly value.”

Ratcliffe added: “Having had the privilege of seeing their bikery, I am happy to say that the new website reflects the care, attention and detail that goes into each bike. To build a great website, you need a great client. Stephen has been great to work with and it’s an honour to be part of the NorthRoad journey.”

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