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We use cookies to collect and analyse information about site performance, insight on usage patterns and to enable us to customise content. By closing this message you agree to allow cookies to be downloaded. You can see how to change your preferences in our cookies policy . PLEASE NOTE THIS RESOURCE IS FOR BPI MEMBERS ONLY. You will receive an email with enrolment details at 10am on the listed start date. The Short Form Video Strategies, Ecommerce For Music session comprises of the following 2 modules: Short Form Video Strategies Short-form video has exploded over the last few years, with TikTok’s current grip on music and culture being the shining example. But TikTok is not the only app that encourages users to share their creative expressions via 15 second videos. The likes of Triller, Instagram Reels and Snapchat are key competitors offering similar features, with each having their own distinct audience, culture and user behaviour. In this session, we will look at the specifics of each of these platforms and how they compare against TikTok. We will also give practical advice on how artists can best use each platform to engage their audience. We want to equip viewers with an understanding of how these platforms can fit into an artist’s social strategy and help you to make informed decisions about which platforms to focus your efforts on. Ecommerce For Music Our E-commerce For Music course is a complete guide to selling music and merchandise online via a direct-to-fan business model. From setting up various types of online stores, through to pricing strategy and creative marketing of merchandise, we will guide you through the world of music e-commerce and offer real-world examples. After finishing this course, you will be ready to start selling online and create an additional revenue source […]

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