AI Turns SCA Into Opportunity for eCommerce Checkout Improvement

In the context of eCommerce, strong customer authentication (SCA) refers to the steps merchants need to put in place to confirm that the person making a purchase is indeed the rightful beneficiary of the bank account from which the funds are being transferred.

In practice, SCA usually means a merchant needs to verify a customer at checkout according to the principles of the 3DS2 multi-factor authentication protocol.

In the European Union, the legal mandate for merchants to enforce 3DS2 authentication into their checkout flows went into effect in 2020, and since March this year the U.K. has made it mandatory for merchants to implement 3DS2.

And with Visa and Mastercard both set to discontinue support for the older 3DS1 from October, retailers that have yet to update their checkout systems are likely to find themselves sidelined from most modern payment methods.

Against that backdrop of evolving SCA requirements, U.K.-based FinTech unicorn last week announced major upgrades to its authentication solution.

The updates will give merchants greater control over their authentication strategy using a suite of machine learning (ML) tools that continuously assess customer data and enable retailers to enforce extra layers of security and identity validation.

Upon unveiling the latest upgrade to its payment solution, also took the opportunity to comment on its recent acquisition of the French artificial intelligence (AI) startup Ubble.

Read on: to Acquire French IDV Firm ubble Ubble has built real-time video recognition software for customer authentication, protecting consumers against identity theft and shielding businesses from fraud, while helping them comply with know your customer (KYC) regulations.In a statement announcing the new updates, Meron Colbeci, chief product officer at, said that “identity verification will be critical for preventing fraud and protecting both merchants and customers as the digital economy continues to grow. We are excited to integrate […]

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