8 Questions Every Distributor Should Answer Before Building an E-commerce Site

Online shopping / ecommerce and retail sale concept : White bask Everything starts with what your customers need and want. Unfortunately, distributors’ buyers aren’t as simple to market to as B2C customers. For example, many industrial buyers move from project to project and need new solutions every few months. In contrast, others may manage inventories that carry the same items and frequently need to replenish their stock.

The B2B shopping process is long and often involves decision-makers from various departments. A great deal of time, research and product comparison goes into B2B purchasing. When designing your e-commerce experience, remember that your buyers are already under a lot of stress. To keep them happy, you should make your site user-friendly and informative. Customers should have the ability to quickly search for an item, read a detailed description, compare it to similar products and, finally, add it to their shopping cart. What Functionality Does Your B2B Ecommerce Site Need?

Your e-commerce site should be convenient for everyone, including customers with fluctuating needs and those who need to reorder frequently. To do so, you should incorporate the following features: Shopping cart

Accurate search relevancy

PIM solution

Content management system

Recommendation systems (such as “frequently bought together” or “for you”)

Easy reordering options Industrial buyers expect the same level of care and personalization as B2C customers. To meet their needs and shopping preferences, you should design your e-commerce site with AI-powered tools and functions. What Resources are Available? Before you begin, consider what resources are available. Project success depends on various factors, including funding and support from your IT department, sales teams and upper management.The effectiveness of your digital efforts will drop if representatives from every department are not on board. In some cases, your team may feel threatened and push back […]

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