5 Steps for B2B success: Step 2–Implement ecommerce

In this second of a 5-part series on B2B ecommerce success strategies, Kristina Harrington, president and chief operating officer of GenAlpha Technologies, lays out critical steps for launching a B2B digital commerce channel.

Kristina Harrington After you’ve completed the work of identifying the needs of your customers, it is important to put the physical infrastructure behind your strategy, essentially, launch the site that will meet the priorities you uncovered in Step 1 – Define the Customer Journey . Here are three important activities for a successful ecommerce implementation. Organizational Alignment

As ecommerce is a sales channel, I strongly recommend giving this channel its own budget with P&L responsibilities. Make sure to identify a strong leader, ideally one with ecommerce experience, and surround this person with a project team of influencers from various departments; customer support, technical service, sales, IT, finance, and potentially engineering should all have a dedicated representative on the project. Doing this will build user adoption both internally and externally.

In addition to this ecommerce team, everyone in sales and customer service should be a user of the ecommerce store. Having more employees trained on the site allows for more troubleshooting early on and a deeper understanding of the channel. These employees will be more energetic about the store and bring that enthusiasm and knowledge with them when speaking to customers.

I also recommend meeting with a vendor you trust who is going to take their experience and ask you difficult questions about your business in order to help you make good decisions for ecommerce implementation. Decisions around pricing, inventory, and channel conflict can be very complicated to discuss internally and it can be impactful to have an ecommerce vendor share experiences and offer suggestions. Product Information Strategy

Having a well-thought-out product information strategy is one of […]

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