3 Tools to Connect with Journalists

Link building is getting harder.

Good links are difficult to obtain because seemingly every website is after them, overwhelming publishers with link requests . One of the few link-building tactics that remains effective is journalist outreach.

Journalists are usually receptive to article ideas and pitches. The key is suggesting a compelling topic, one that’s worth addressing. Examples are original research and expert analysis on a trending topic. Targeting local journalists can yield results, too.

But even without a pitch, developing relationships with journalists in your niche will build trust, resulting in potential coverage and citations.

The first step is to locate those individuals. Here are three tools to help. Tools to Reach Journalists

Twitter bio search. In my experience, Twitter is reporters’ favorite social media network. They use the site to find sources, poll their followers, and broadcast their content.

Twitter search includes “People.” Type a keyword in combination with “reporter” or “journalist” — for example, “ecommerce reporter.” Twitter search includes “People,” such as combining “ecommerce” with “reporter.” Even better, consider using Followerwonk, a third-party tool . Followerwonk’s bio search is more powerful than Twitter’s.

In Followerwonk, select the option “search Twitter bios only.” Select the option “search Twitter bios only.” Those results contain helpful metrics for each profile, such as account age and the number of tweets.To remove unrelated profiles, I typically include the publication name or URL in the search query. For example, to reach a journalist at The New York Times who covers marketing topics, I would search “marketing @nytimes.”The search feature on Followerwonk is free to use with no volume caps. Buzzsumo offers a powerful journalist-focused filter in its “Content Analyzer” section. Search for the topic of your pitch. Keep the filter at “View content written only by journalists” to receive results solely from them. Click “Journalist” next to the reporter’s […]

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