12 Best eCommerce Social Media Strategy of 2022 that Drive Sales

Although we use it regularly in our personal lives, enforcing an effective eCommerce social media strategy is still very tough for many business owners. When it comes to sharing something in a personal account, there is no pressure to generate sales or engagement.

However, when dealing with social media for a business, the pressure of doing the “right” thing increases. What to post? When to post? Where to post it? How do you generate engagement? These are just some of the most common questions posed by businesses on a regular basis. The answer is in the strategy. It’s the roadmap that will guide all your endeavors and track your performance.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the top 12 tips to help create a social media strategy. Use them to optimize your existing strategy or create a brand new one! Let’s get started. 1. Learn about your followers for eCommerce Social Media Strategy

If you already have a social media account with any sort of level of engagement, you can already start learning about your followers. This is the backbone of your whole strategy. Without a deep understanding of the users already engaging with your content, you won’t be able to craft messages that influence them to make a purchase.

One of the easiest ways you can learn from your followers is by using the handy tool Audience Insights. You’ll be able to find it in the Facebook Business Manager under Plan> Audience Insights: Facebook Insights | Image credit: Techgneyz There, you’ll be able to get a full report of people connected or not connected to your page. There’s a bunch of data, such as demographics, location, household, purchases, and more. 2. Create and test different audiences

Even after analyzing the Audience Insights report , you won’t be able […]

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