US marketplace ecommerce sales will reach over $357 billion despite decelerating growth

The forecast: Despite slowing growth, US marketplace ecommerce sales are expected to hit $357.26 billion in 2022, making up 34.6% of all online sales.

After a nearly 45% growth during the pandemic in 2020, US marketplace ecommerce sales only grew 16.7% in 2021, and that growth will continue to decelerate 14.8% this year. Sales will continue to decline through 2024, though it will be a much smaller drop. Beyond the chart:


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For everyone. Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace retailer with an over 72% share of the market. Amazon marketplace sales are expected to grow 18.3% in 2022 to reach over $250 billion . Sales are also expected to reach 25% of U.S. ecommerce sales.

eBay holds the spot for the second largest online marketplace, but that share has been decelerating consistently since 2016 as sales have been turbulent. This year, eBay’s share will decelerate to 10.7% as growth declines by 3% .

Etsy is the only other top marketplace to gain share of the total retail marketplace besides Amazon. Although small, its share will increase to 2.6% this year. Etsy marketplace sales are expected to grow 17% this year and reach $9.2 billion in sales.

Walmart ‘s share of total retail marketplace started to decelerate for the first time in 2021 and continues this trend in 2022, falling to 2% of the retail ecommerce market. After growth reached almost 100% in 2020, Walmart marketplace ecommerce growth decelerated to 11.2% in 2021. This year growth will reach 10.5% accounting for $7.2 billion . […]

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