Tinder for Ecommerce store to increase online stores revenue by 27%

A new Shopify app called Swipify allows online stores to increase revenue by offering their customers a fast, visual, mobile oriented swiping experience. By building Swipify , its founders address one of the biggest challenges exists on ecommerce in the last few years. Online stores’ audiences are increasingly dominated by mobile devices (70%-80$ as of Q1 2022), but conversion rates one mobile are much lower than desktop conversion rates.

“Today, for historic reasons, mobile shopping experience is just an adaptation of the desktop shopping experience.” Said Yoav, one of Swipify’s founders, “However if you think about your own expectation as a customer, when on mobile, you expect a much more engaging, fast, and visual experience. Starting this venture, we thought that building a better mobile oriented experience will generate ultimately more sales”.

Having results from hundreds of online (Shopify) stores using the app, it seems like Swipify’s founders were right:

– Customers spend on average 473% more time on store.
– Customers go through 799% more items.
– Customers but 27% more.

“The benefits for the store are not just a better conversion rate”, says Guy, CTO of Swipify, “Store owners have now a valuable data that they can use. They know now who likes / dislikes each of the store items, and we help them use this information to better understand their audience and offer them better suited products.”

“While up until today, only huge stores had the funds to create such an out of the box experience, with Swipify after a 2-minute onboarding process every Shopify store, big or small, can have this high-end solution for their customers, offering a great experience, while boosting sales and gathering priceless data”, says Yoav.

The future of Ecommerce Ecommerce is an ever changing and dynamic domain. By 2024, it is expected to achieve a nearly […]

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