The Fortia Group Launches the World's First-ever Investment Syndicate Solely for eCommerce Aggregators

Industry juggernauts join premier team of eCommerce experts

DUBLIN, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Fortia Group (“Fortia”), a global M&A firm for eCommerce exits, announced the creation of the world’s first and only investment syndicate focused on eCommerce aggregators. The syndicate will partner with several key industry veterans on this first-of-its kind business endeavor.

The investment syndicate will seek out equity stakes in eCommerce aggregators, relying on the unmatched industry expertise of an investment committee that includes: Thomas Copeman of Nomadic Capital Management, a first-round investor in Thrasio.

Richard Jalichandra, founder of the first-ever Amazon aggregator, 101 Commerce, who brings extensive M&A, debt and equity financing experience.

Anthony Johnson, former CTO of Thrasio and recent co-founder of Swiftline, a firm that provides SaaS tools to eCommerce entrepreneurs.

John Li, entrepreneur who sold his Amazon brand for $17.5 million before launching a fast-growing incubator of Amazon brands, Spartan Brands.

Gerald Schoenbucher, founded, an online marketplace dubbed the Amazon of Germany. was acquired by, owned by Europe’s largest retail company, Schwarz Gruppe.

These commanding forces in investing join Fortia’s experienced co-founders, CEO Emmett Kilduff, COO David Hyland and Director of eCommerce Paul Hanley, in launching their inaugural deal this week: an Amazon aggregator focused on the beauty category called Founded Brands.”Despite the column inches given and ink split the Amazon aggregator space is still relatively nascent, with specific structuring requirements, financing watch-outs and benefits,” said Founded Brands Co-CEO, Thomas Salmon. “As one of the few experts in the space, The Fortia Group knows all of these and has launched an investment syndicate with key industry players from the seed investors in the largest aggregator to successfully exited eCommerce founders.”In 2021 eCommerce aggregators raised $12.5 billion, creating at least 10 unicorns as well as a significant number of companies […]

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