QuickBooks Upgrade Gives SMBs Access to eCommerce Marketplace

Familiar tools are showing up in new places as software vendors roll out features aimed at helping small and midsize businesses overcome automation obstacles quickly and inexpensively.

One of the latest entries may be betting heavily on name recognition as it makes a move from back-office mainstay to integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Intuit’s QuickBooks is probably familiar to anybody who’s ever balanced a ledger at a small business, and its latest offering, Trada, is aiming directly at segment of a market that’s been notoriously slow to digitize: wholesale trade.

“We know that product-based businesses face challenges and opportunities in discovering customers and growing their businesses,” said Shilpa Reddy, vice president, QuickBooks commerce at Intuit in a company blog post . “Trada by QuickBooks simplifies the customer and product discovery experience for retailers and wholesale sellers. It also automates order placement and provides rich business insights for growth.”

Platforms such as Trada play an important role in helping resource-constrained SMBs adopt payment digitization and automation practices with SaaS solutions.

Trada is the latest offering from an independent software vendor aimed at bringing a metaphor popularized by consumer giants like Amazon into the B2B world. It uses a marketplace model — where buyers and sellers meet online to do business. Intuit/QuickBooks can power the payment and credit and integrate directly into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, giving users visibility into bank balances and flows and the health of businesses, all of which is valuable credit underwriting data.

The new marketplace from is specifically designed to connect U.S. and Australian independent buyers and sellers while helping them navigate the complexities of eCommerce, find new customers, and grow their businesses, according to the post.

Out of the Box, Outside the Box

Trada is designed as a tool for SMB sellers to grow their business through customer acquisition […]

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