Munich-based Klar raises €2.3 million to launch its data operating system for ecommerce brands

Klar Founding Team Creating a business intelligence platform dedicated to SME ecommerce brands, Klar has today announced a €2.3 million seed funding round and officially launches.

The funding for the Munich-based startup was led by Cherry Ventures and is backed by notable entrepreneurs and angel investors such as Benedikt Sauter (Xentral), Moritz Weisbrodt (Alaiko), Malte Horeyseck (SellerX), Samir El-Sabini (Juni), Benjamin Kremer (YFood) plus the founders of Moss, DTC Ventures as well as OMR, Europe’s leading marketing conference.

Klar was founded with the ambition to become the single source of truth for SME ecommerce brands, generating valuable actionable insights to fuel growth. Founders, Maximilian Rast, Cillié Burger, and Frank Birzle, have 10 years of history working together and all have operating experience in scaling ecommerce companies, data science and data security – bringing a wealth of expertise and know-how.

The idea for Klar emerged during Max’s time at YFood, where he was looking for a tool to manage the company’s data – and found that there just wasn’t one up to the task. Klar was developed to provide a single source of truth that reflects the reality of how the business operates – addressing a gap in ecommerce data ops. Max also needed a tool that provides insights and highlights opportunities while also being affordable and quick to set up – enter Klar.

Max Rast explained: “With our unified, yet customizable data model we can reflect the reality our customers operate in and, in turn, provide them with accurate reports, meaningful benchmarks and detailed insights. But that’s just the start. Klar is not just a data tool but will become the central operating system for eCommerce brands. Shopify has armed the rebels. We will now turn them into an army that powers itself by providing insights, knowledge, and direction.”

The ecommerce market is […]

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