Kojiki Purchases Today's Ecommerce as Part of its Expansion

Among the many prominent acquisitions that the digital media giant Kojiki has made of late, the latest one comes under its effort to venture into the E-commerce sector. The segment enjoys a great deal of potential in India and other territories. So far, the website has been catering to the aforementioned market as well as news and information on all things E-com from all around the world. Shortly after the acquisition, Today’s Ecommerce has witnessed a steep incline in the number of unique visitors frequenting the website to get up to date with the E-commerce world.

Following Kojiki’s purchase of Analyzing Market , The former has also acquired Today’s Ecommerce for an undisclosed amount, the company has kicked off the hiring process and many new talents from across the globe have joined the ever-growing family. As the website grows and expands amidst the highly competitive space, the target circle for the demographics has expanded. That warrants new hires, including voices from different parts of the world that are adept and aware of the know-how and minutiae of their respective E-commerce spaces. That’s exactly what Kojiki’s deliberate hiring process entails.

The company has also added some other prominent websites in order to delve into other domains such as Weather news and the stock market. In a bid to cover the market extensively and all its online subsets, Kojiki ultimately acquired Today’s Ecommerce. The official About Us page of the website states, “On Today’s Ecommerce you will find everything that happens in the eCommerce industry, from acquisitions and cross-border news to country statistics and startup launches.”

Today’s Ecommerce provides an exhaustive researched and analytical look at the market stimulation and other events — minor and major — that concern the E-commerce space. Keeping its focus solely on the industry, the website works to keep […]

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