How Shopify Went From Selling Snowboards to an eCommerce Giant | Shopify Explained

If you’ve ever thought about starting an online store, then you’ll know about Shopify. Shopify is the second largest eCommerce platform with nearly 2 million merchants. The innovative software company is worth billions, and it’s got an amazing story.

Shopify started out as a snowboard shop. Now it’s taking on Amazon to compete for the global eCommerce space.

In this article, we’ll break down the story of Shopify , how it became so valuable, and how it’s shaping the future of eCommerce. How Did Shopify Start?

Shopify’s story starts in 2002 when Tobias Lütke (22) moved across the world to Canada to be with his future wife, Fiona McKean.

When he got to Canada, he faced a major problem – without a degree, Lütke couldn’t get a permit to work in Canada.

While he couldn’t get a nine to five, Tobias realized that starting a business could earn him money. It was time to bet on himself.

So he decided to combine his newfound hobby of snowboarding with his interest in eCommerce and start an online snowboard shop.

Now Lütke didn’t have a lot of business knowledge or capital, so he needed help to get things off the ground. Luckily, at a McKean family event, he met Scott Lake, who had startup experience. The two clicked and in 2004 they founded the online snowboard shop Snowdevil with investment from Fiona’s parents.You have to realize this was at a time when launching an online store wasn’t easy. Lütke tried many e-commerce solutions to make it work, but they were all so bad it made his skin crawl.Trying to make a custom design on Yahoo Stores was what pushed him over the edge. The platform barely allowed Lütke to change the background color of the top frame. This was the spark he needed.Lütke got so […]

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