How eBay is ramping up AI use in ecommerce behind the scenes

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Low-code and no-code artificial intelligence (AI) tools and immersive 3D visualization are heralding the next age of ecommerce .

eBay is taking a lead in this area with increased investment in AI-led experiences, including 3D product renderings to enhance shopping experiences and automated listing capabilities to simplify seller duties.

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No compatible source was found for this media. As one of the world’s largest selling platforms, eBay has leveraged AI for some time now — but it has typically been done behind the scenes for recommendation systems, fraud detection and predictions of customer intent, explained Stephanie Moyerman, former senior director of risk and trust science at eBay. She recently transitioned into a new role with Instagram as its director of data science wellness.

“What we want to do is integrate [AI] as part of the natural buying and selling experiences and flows,” she told viewers during a live stream at this week’s Transform 2022 event . “We want to give AI tools to our sellers so that they can enable different, customized experiences for their buyers without having any impedance there.” Event

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Most notably, eBay is offering 3D product rendering that gives buyers the ability to “cruise through” a listing and create a natural browsing experience — as if they were in a physical store, said Moyerman. With low-code and no-code tools, sellers can scan items with their phones; images are then uploaded to the eBay cloud and converted to a 3D asset.“They don’t need professional equipment of any kind,” said Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, chief AI officer at eBay. All of this can be done in a matter of minutes and “there’s zero […]

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