EU Data Protection Laws Impacts Small e-Commerce Companies World Wide

More EU countries are banning Google Analytics. Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and Founder of StoreConnect, has the solution for small- to mid-size e-Commerce businesses in the US where they can own their own data, be GDPR compliant and compete globally with the Goliath e-Commerce companies … in essence leveling the playing field.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Italian Supervisory Authority (SA) recently ruled that Google Analytics was non-compliant with EU data protection rules. They banned the popular analytics tool, finding that the protections Google applied were not sufficient to address the risk, and the use of Google Analytics violates the bloc’s data protection rules over the data export issue.(1) Compounding the trouble, an e-Commerce website using Google Analytics without the safeguards set out in the EU GDPR violates data protection law putting any e-Commerce business at a major risk. “Now more than ever, small and mid-size companies need to own their data,” explains Mikel Lindsaar, StoreConnect CEO. “Everything they collect from their customers should end up in their own store and database, making them compliant with GDPR.”

France and Austria have also deemed the tool illegal, and Denmark is the latest EU country to do so. Technically, the Schrems II case in 2020 made data transfers between Europe and the U.S. illegal. However, that case found the existing agreement, the Privacy Shield, between the U.S. and the EU was not compatible because the American law allows its government to requisition client data from companies on national security grounds, something which is prohibited under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).(2)

Businesses using Google Analytics must therefore have a technical understanding of their data flows, including where the data is going, who is receiving the data and how the data is protected. Cookies are also used to track data, but they are not […]

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