BrandDrive is redefining eCommerce and sales for businesses in Africa

Ecommerce has been a great source of convenience and pride among shoppers who wish to purchase their favorite products online. The ecommerce industry has integrated with various other industries like travel & tourism, logistics, retail, media and entertainment as well as financial services.

Just like flowers change colors over time to adapt to their environment, ecommerce platforms have had to evolve in response to the needs of their users. The first iteration of ecommerce was simply a way for businesses to sell products online without having to worry about shipping and receiving orders from customers—but as time went on, it became clear that there were some major hurdles that needed to be overcome before businesses could truly rely on online sales as their primary revenue stream.

The first major breakthrough came with integrated payments and order tracking tools that allowed companies to better track customer orders and analytics throughout the process, allowing them to identify issues early in the process so they could be fixed before things got out of hand. Once these systems were put in place, it wasn’t long before companies began using them across multiple channels: not just their own website but also social media pages dedicated specifically to improving product sales.

In recent times, consumers have changed the way they shop. More than 84% of consumers have shopped online since the pandemic. Major trends in 2020 included the rise of contactless payments and curbside deliveries. In Africa, we saw major payment companies launch e-commerce suites for entrepreneurs and one of those companies, BrandDrive went the extra mile to create an entire business suite to solve business issues and boost ecommerce across the continent.

Imagine the stress of running an online and physical store, managing inventory, customer orders, logistics and payments? Running a business could be a nightmare.

BrandDrive offers […]

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