5 Top ECommerce Trends to Watch for in 2022

The last two years irrevocably changed the ecommerce space. From improved automation to artificial intelligence to virtual and augmented reality, the pandemic caused a paradigm shift and forced most ecommerce businesses to pivot to a new way of operating. The lasting effect of COVID-19’s impact on ecommerce positions the industry to hit $1 trillion by 2022 in the U.S. alone.

Change is the only constant. We’re in for yet another year of disruption in the fast-paced, competitive landscape of ecommerce. The early adoption of new platform models like headless ecommerce, new marketing and tracking methods resulting from privacy changes, and movement in performance goalposts across the industry are just some of the shifts we’ve seen in the past year. Here are the top trends we predict as we enter another growth year in ecommerce.

See More: 4 Tips To Solve Your Shopping Portal’s Out-of-Stock Struggles 1. Headless 1.0 Will Continue To Excite but See Little Production Usage

The headless ecommerce trend will continue to eat up massive amounts of development time and budget, but with few successful launches. While headless deployments will continue to get funding, more tools will be developed to aid in deployments.

The hype around headless has reached a fever pitch, especially in venture capital funding. Going headless is the goal for many companies, but we continue to see the production-deployment cycle drag. We were told that the future of ecommerce was headless, but almost four years in, we’re seeing few production deployments in the landscape.

Retailers are looking past the hype and are discovering that headless transformations are more complicated and expensive while still lacking the features necessary to go live. There’s a lot of VC capital, which will increase the hype as offerings adjust to customer needs. 2. There Will Be Adoption in the Growth of Hybrid […]

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