Better Images Reduce Product Returns for Online Retailers

The flood of retail returns happening now is partly a tale of imagery gone wrong — and one that online merchants need to address to optimize satisfaction and minimize chargebacks. According to one 2021 study , nearly half (49%) of consumers who returned an eCommerce purchase did so because “the item didn’t match the description,” and that starts with images.

In a conversation with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Liz Giorgi , CEO of retail content creation platform soona , said she sees this as a two-sided question.

“How do we inspire action? How do we get people to imagine that they need to have this now and that there’s urgency in that transaction?” she said, adding that eCommerce done right “is so much about being able to deliver on the promise of what’s going to show up on someone’s front step when the package finally does arrive.”

Increasingly, that involves not static images but video.

“Part of that is because of how we’re all changing our behaviors on our mobile devices,” she said. “We’re spending time on TikTok. We’re spending time on Instagram stories. YouTube is still the second-largest search engine in the world. Being able to really move people towards that moving media is a really important thing for brands to prioritize in 2022 and beyond.”

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Try This on for Size

Physical stores give shoppers a chance to see, touch and even try on or try out goods before buying. Online, those tactile and visual confirmations are absent. Digital merchants must compensate.Webster mentioned disconnects about item scale in eCommerce sales that can end in returns.“Scale is one of those things that we as an industry have not done the best job of really prioritizing,” Giorgi said.Digital renderings of […]

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