THE QUESTION to ask your customers

Do you have abandonment problems in your sales process? Your visitors do not complete their purchases or your contact form? You surely have an ergonomic problem in your sales process. There are probably pitfalls that seem insurmountable for most of your visitors.

In other words, there is one or more obstacles that discourage your visitors from becoming clients.

As a rule of thumb, to identify these pitfalls, a usability test is required. As this type of test is very expensive I suggest you to get around this problem simply by personally addressing your customers.

Most companies do after-sales support by assisting their customers with the use of their products. However, few companies ask their customers to help them improve the sales process they have just gone through. Of all the experts of the world, it's your new customers who can assist you the most in solving your sales problem.

The customer who just bought is the one who can answer your questions the most. His enthusiasm, passion and energy can help you solve a lot of order problems. In addition, the customer will greatly appreciate being asked his opinion, especially if treated as a Hero! He must tell you about the journey he has taken to become a client. Above all, he must share you how and why, he has overcome the worst obstacles of the process. His perception is capital.

The most important question for your customer service is the one that will allow you to optimize the ergonomics of your sales process. The question is divided into sub-questions:

  • What almost made you not ordering today?
  • What was your biggest difficulty when ordering?
  • How did you overcome it?

The answer to these open questions, will allow you to identify exactly what are the major obstacles that slow down your orders?

Just fix these barriers by softening the ergonomics of your system and you will make more sales.

Author: Michel Paquin

Automation and Optimization of Internet Sales Systems Consultant

Michel Paquin is a consultant specialized in automation and optimization of Internet sales systems! He has founded 5 successful companies since 2002, all focused on internet sales and pre-sales. He has lived the evolution of internet marketing throughout his entrepreneurial career by offering subscription services, SaaS packages or pre-qualifying potential customers (leads and prospects). Since 2002, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed in deploying their business on the Web. He is certified Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM).