Why customer centricity is key to your ecommerce platform thriving

Last week saw the eighth edition of ECOM Africa take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

The hybrid event saw more than 1 000 delegates attend over two days to discuss the current state of ecommerce on the Africa continent, as well as some of the trends and lessons that will shape the landscape over the rest of 2022 and years to come.

One of the major topics of conversation at the event was the importance of customer-centric thinking, with Alex Genov , head of customer experience research at Zappos, delivering the keynote address on the subject matter – Giving customers a voice in a world full of numbers.

Dispelling a few myths, along with sharing some of the insights of his own experiences at Zappos, Genov emphasised the fact that customer loyalty is something that is earned, not bought.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with Genov more on the matter, and pick his brain on a few other topics, such as PoPIA and what the metaverse could mean for ecommerce down the line.

Here’s what he shared.

Hypertext: You have a really interesting background. Can you explain how experimental social psychology factors into your research?

Alex Genov (AG): So I have a PhD in experimental social psychology and what I have brought with me to the business world are a couple of things.First the methods of understanding humans – the psychology of how think, how they feel. Also a focus on emotions, which are important nowadays in ecommerce because a lot our decisions to purchase are based on emotional drivers and less so on rational ones. Second is a focus on individual differences, which is important for businesses to realise as their customers are not all the same.I bring this to my role at Zappos, […]

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