Virtually Number One: Texas’ Beloved HEB Grabs Best eCommerce Ranking

Virtually Number One: Texas’ Beloved HEB Grabs Best eCommerce Ranking Online shopping continues to grow year by year. And let’s be honest, sometimes it is certainly way more convenient. If you’re not feeling like going inside the store, you can always either get someone to shop for you and pick up at the store, or purchase the items needed online for delivery.

Recently, dunnhumby revealed the best in ecommerce retailers. A multitude of factors went into the rankings. But who took the number one spot? Let’s take a look at how the rankings were determined

There were five certain factors that went into selected the best online retailer. According to dunnhumby, personal preferences are helped by them. They are as follows:

– Owned Digital Assets
– Ease and Reliability
– Substitutes
– Product
– Price

So with these five major factors, stores earn their customers. Dunnhumby then combines them with their data. So how does the top 5 stack up?

Starting from number 5 and working our way up:5. Sam’s Club 4. Walmart 3. Amazon Fresh 2. AmazonWho’s the number one for online preference? Drum Roll Please… 1. H-E-B Yes that’s right! H-E-B obtained the top spot! The Texas retailer beat out Amazon. Yes, Amazon. Shocking to hear, but hey, the Lone Star State is allowed to show off right?Dunnhumby explains in the data that “H-E-B had been strongly developing its digital capabilities and laying the ground at the perfect time before the pandemic’s boost in online grocery. H-E-B began offering curbside pickup in 2015. Three years later, they acquired an Online Grocery Intermediary (OGI) which evolved into H-E-B’s Tech Hub with 600 employees. And right at the end of 2019, three months before lockdowns, it launched My H-E-B app. In fact, H-E-B has increased its digital scores more than any retailer […]

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