The most disruptive trends in payments, ecommerce, and regulations in 2022

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The way people pay is changing rapidly, thanks to technological innovation and digitalization. How do you expect merchant payments will evolve in 2022?

Maximilian Fuchs, Business Development Consultant DACH, CMSPI

Changing consumer habits, merchant preferences for low-friction payments processing and upcoming innovation will change the way we pay indefinitely. Data and insight can help guide the right payments mix to transform payments from a cost to a value driver for merchants.

Andréa Toucinho, Director of Studies, Prospective and Training, Partelya Consulting

Digital payments are not a recent process: it is first linked with payments cards. In addition to this technological evolution, there is a strong institutional ambition: European institutions aim at developing electronic payments for various reasons, and above all, to address security concerns. The project to develop instant payments in Europe according to the European Retail Payments Strategy presented last year by European Commission testifies to this reality. Last but not least, the COVID-19 crisis created a real new step in the field of payment trends: the success of contactless (with a new limit at USD 50) and mobile payment solutions in certain European countries caused a real boom in digital uses.

David Parker, CEO, Polymath Consulting Merchants have forever complained about the cost of card transactions, but I love the fact that they have driven up average basket size. Online merchants are now being offered a chance to reduce their costs by 90%+ by adopting Account-to-Account PISP payments. We are already seeing this from major retailers.How long until they start complaining about increased bank fees, […]

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