New study reveals the world’s most popular eCommerce sites

A new study by broadband experts at Uswitch has revealed the world’s most popular news and shopping websites.

Analysing data from the last three months on the market intelligence platform, SimilarWeb Pro, the research reveals which news and shopping websites receive the most traffic globally, and also which ones are the most visited in different countries around the world. The world’s most visited shopping websites

The broadband experts at Uswitch looked at the most popular shopping and retail websites in the world. Amazon ( is revealed as the website that receives more traffic than any other shopping site in the world, boasting nearly 2.4 billion visits each month.

Amazon has captured the wants and needs of the fast-paced generation who can now order anything they want (from furniture to groceries) and have it delivered in just 24 hours. And when looking at the top 20 most visited shopping sites globally, four spots are taken by Amazon domains; after first place,, Amazon Japan ( is third, Amazon Germany ( is fifth, and Amazon UK ( is ninth.

eBay (, thanks to 761.1 million monthly visits takes second place in the global ranking, followed by Amazon Japan ( which sees over 589 million visits each month. Rakuten Japan ( is the e-commerce site with the fourth biggest monthly traffic in the world, and fifth place Amazon Germany closely follows that with 446.8 million monthly visitors.

Alongside e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, Etsy also features in the top 20. Etsy was founded in 2005 as an e-commerce platform that allows small independent businesses to widen their market and sell their products all around the globe. Etsy is the go-to place for gifting, handmade products, jewellery, furnishings and so much more, and it attracts nearly 379 million monthly visits. Top 20 Shopping Websites Globally

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