Metaverse Set To Be A Game-Changer For Ecommerce But There’s Time: Meesho’s Sanjeev Barnwal

The ecommerce platforms now need to keep optimising for discovering newer trends, Barnwal says

Though the hype of metaverse is yet to touch ecommerce, a visible trend is a shift in ecommerce buying behaviour from intent-based buying to discovery-based buying

For Meesho to grow the platform at its current scale, Barnwal and his team are particularly focused more on personalisation, simple UX designs, consistent and static UI design, usage of high visibility filters

Ecommerce industry in India has emerged to be one of the most fascinating innovators in the broader startup ecosystem, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Social commerce, live commerce and various other trends have started revolutionising the entire ecommerce landscape . Plus, with people choosing more immersive experiences in their lives, who knows when metaverse joins the game to further change all its rules?

But in the booming ecommerce segment, though various other trends might emerge sooner, metaverse is still far away. At least that’s what Sanjeev Barnwal founder and CTO at Meesho believes. “Metaverse, I personally believe, can be a game-changer for ecommerce… but it’s a few years away,” said Barnwal, speaking at the second edition of Inc42’s The Makers Summit . Elaborating on why and how metaverse offers opportunities galore to disrupt ecommerce, Barnwal said that the current buying experience offered by ecommerce platforms is nowhere close to the offline buying experience where customers can touch and feel products, interact with people.

In metaverse, some parts of these issues will get covered with users expectedly be able to see themselves (in avatars) in a mirror wearing a cloth or take recommendations from other people. In fact, buying is a lot about social validation as well, he added.

Though the hype of metaverse is yet to touch ecommerce, a few other trends have seemingly grown over the past few years. According […]

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