launching its eCommerce platform for wellness CBD consumers.

Kanabo is

The will cater to the UK market initially and then roll out across Europe , giving CBD consumers access to Kanabo’s three proprietary CBD formula pods that work with Kanabo’s VapePod, the medical grade vaporizer that provides easy-to-use metered dosing.

According to Kanabo the VapePod offers the shortest delivery time with noticeable effects via the pulmonary tract, and bio-availability is higher compared to other delivery methods as the body does not flush out a lot of the product as it can do with capsules or tinctures.

The VapePod gives a metered dose of 1mg on every inhalation, so consumers know the exact amount consumed – and exactly what it is they are inhaling. Pod types are Relax, Reload and Repair. All contain a blend of CBD and terpenes, and Repair also contains CBG.

Th e CBD Pods are manufactured in the UK and the portable and easy-to-use VapePod is discreet for social or work settings. Each CBD Pod contains 300 doses per unit and the hemp from which broad-spectrum CBD is made contains minor cannabinoids and hemp terpenes that are naturally sourced and are manufactured at an EU-GMP facility.

Kanabo’s CBD formulas boast 80% cannabinoids (360 mg of CBD) and are made with only pure hemp ingredients; 100% vegan and without any commonly added diluents such as harmful PG, VG, MCT or PEG oils.

The VapePod can also be used for medicinal cannabis as it allows physicians to now confidently prescribe accurate and precise microdoses of cannabis and collect accurate patient data.

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