Kaiglo’s mobile app is set to become Nigeria’s e-commerce haven

It is easy to get bamboozled when you visit most ecommerce websites; too many offers at once, an array of bright colors attacking your senses, a seeming sense of urgency to do one thing, buy. I am glad to introduce you to peace of mind, KAIGLO .

I was invited to test the beta version of the Kaiglo app before its planned release later in March, and I was impressed with the experience, and more impressed when I realized I had received free cash in my Kaiglo wallet for simply signing up (which took less than 2 minutes). I continued to receive free money over the course of the next few days for just being active on the platform daily. After 10 days, I had amassed One thousand One hundred Naira (N1,100).

In an interview with Victor Eze, the MD of Kaiglo on their approach to ecommerce in Nigeria, he shared that Nigerians pay too much for most essential products. He attributes this to middlemen and supply chain intricacies. “Kaiglo takes out the multiple middlemen that add their profits which inflates market prices. So, anything you buy on our platform is almost at the manufacturer’s price. Our theories are sound and effective, and we are confident we have what you want at the prices and standard you are used to. Most of our deals are unbelievable”, he said.

At first glance, the app is easy on the eyes with clean user interfaces suited for both regular users and those who require accessibility. Navigating the app feels natural as you see just enough to locate your interests. With no options for personalization, you immediately get a ‘straight-to-business’ feel. Here is my experience using the Kaiglo mobile app –


You are asked for the bare minimum: your first name, email address, phone number […]

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