Filipinos less likely to be repeat customers on foreign ecommerce sites — study

For Pinoys, it seems like overseas shopping websites are only a one-off experience. A study commissioned by logistics provider Ninja Van and parcel delivery network DPD Group found that, among countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines had shoppers with the lowest frequency of purchases from foreign websites.

The study, called E-commerce Barometer , revealed that only 42 percent of surveyed Filipino respondents said they purchased from foreign websites several times. The next lowest is Malaysia at 48 percent. Meanwhile, Singapore had the highest frequency of cross-border purchases at 60 percent.

The Philippines also had the largest percentage of shoppers who only purchased once (19 percent), as well as shoppers who purchased products from overseas through local websites (27 percent). In addition, the study showed that 92 percent of Filipino shoppers had made overseas purchases from Asian retailers, mainly from China.

In terms of preference in delivery factors, Filipinos ranked real-time tracking as the top preference, followed by availability of delivery to their shipping address and advanced notifications. On the other hand, knowing the exact delivery time window ranks lowest in preference.

Another fascinating tidbit: about one in five parcel deliveries in the Philippines are returned, but 85 percent of Filipino shoppers find the return experience difficult.

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