‘Ditch next-day delivery’ and four other ways ecommerce businesses can become more sustainable

Online shopping, ecommerce apps and social commerce has changed the way we shop. With just a few simple clicks, our chosen products will be winging their way to our doors – but while it’s a simple process for consumers, it’s a different story behind the scenes and one that has a significant impact on online retailers’ carbon footprint.

Ecommerce is hugely convenient for both consumers and retailers, but with even the simplest actions generating carbon emissions – from making Zoom calls to sending emails – it also has the unfortunate byproduct of increasing businesses’ carbon footprints.

Websites often carry a large carbon footprint if they contain a lot of large files (such as images) and high definition videos. Ecommerce sites are no different – and, according to KommandoTech – there are currently over 20 million of them on the internet.

With consumers paying more attention than ever to retailers’ ethical shortfalls, many are becoming increasingly reluctant to purchase from a website which does not align with their environmental or ethical beliefs.

Ecommerce fulfilment provider Zendbox ‘s Gilson Pereira spoke to Charged to outline five ways that online retail businesses can become more sustainable. Eliminate single-use plastics and switch to sustainable packaging

According to Pereira, around five million tonnes of plastic are used every day, with nearly 50% being used in packaging.

“Although some of this is recycled, much of it still ends up in landfill once it has served its single-use purpose, contributing significantly to excess waste, pollution, and climate change,” he said.

“As such, it’s important to reduce single-use plastic across your supply chain or, better yet, eliminate it entirely.”Switching to a more sustainable form of packaging that is made from recycled materials or materials that are compostable is a great way to reduce a businesses’ carbon footprint.“Cardboard packaging , for instance, has long […]

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