Can an eCommerce Shop Be Held Liable for a Defective Product In Florida?

If you have filed a product liability claim in Florida, you probably already know how complicated this type of personal injury case can be.

Florida law states that several entities can be held liable when a product has been defectively designed, manufactured, or has a labeling defect.
These possibly liable entities include the manufacturer and anyone else involved in the product’s design, manufacturing, or sale.
So, what does this mean for an eCommerce shop? The Chain of Commerce

As many Florida product liability attorneys can probably tell you, the chain of commerce in the US is growing and has raised the number of injury cases there have been in recent years some of them holding eCommerce stores like Amazon liable.

However, things can get a bit more complicated than brick-and-mortar retail stores when it comes to eCommerce. Florida Product Liability Law

Under Florida product liability laws, a consumer can hold a supplier, designer, distributor, and manufacturer liable for any injuries caused by their products. Product liability focuses on the product, while negligence focuses on the actions of the manufacturer, seller, or distributor.

Before 2019, courts around the US insisted that eCommerce stores could not be held liable for injuries caused by products sold on their platforms. Instead, eCommerce stores were viewed as more of a facilitator of a third-party transactions involving the products. eCommerce of the Past vs Now

Since consumers have always held the supply chain, including sellers, liable for injuries due to defective products, there has now been a question of how liable an eCommerce store can be because this was not addressed in the past.However, recent developments have expanded what applies to this and eCommerce. The courts are now focusing their attention on the products being purchased, the consumer’s reliance on the eCommerce platform, and the […]

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