5 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Maximise Google Shopping

Google ( News – Alert ) Shopping is a service which allows business owners to list their products within Google’s SERPs. It is available to users from both mobile and web apps.

These adverts stand out from standard Google Ads because they include images and a price in the result.

This format of ads is very popular among ecommerce businesses and the advertisers they employ to help sell their clients’ inventory.

If you are a marketing agency, freelancer or a business owner running your own ads, here are five tips to help you maximise your Google Shopping performance:

1. Prioritise Your Budget to the Best Sellers

When you’re starting out you may decide to throw all of your products into one campaign and see what works. This has its positives and negatives. The positives being that it’s the quickest way to get your products listed.

The big negative doing this is that your budget could be spent on products that aren’t converting and/or are providing a negative return on interest. Your best sellers or potential best sellers may be receiving very few impressions. If you can separate your best sellers into their own campaign(s) and dedicate a specific budget to them it allows for a greater ROI.

2. Build Negative Keyword Lists One sure-fire way to spend your budget on irrelevant search results is to leave your campaigns running without adding any negatives. Ideally, you will have time to carry out keyword research before you start your campaign so that you can find irrelevant search queries to prevent your ads from appearing for.Common keywords that appear in the ecommerce world include: Sell Ebay Amazon Free Second hand Provided you are running a Standard Shopping campaign, as opposed to a Smart Shopping campaign, you are able to see a list keyword phrases your ads […]

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