2022 How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform

The nature of the ecommerce platform world in 2022 is a complex one.

You might be asking yourself: how can my business keep up in this fast-changing industry and overcome the difficulties of switching platform providers?

The 2022 How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform report has the answers.

In addition to our expert 10-step guide to choosing an ecommerce platform, this report explores several detailed case studies on ecommerce platform trailblazers, including MSC Industrial’s switch to headless commerce, BigCommerce and Shopify’s global expansion plans, Adobe’s use of social media to attract Gen Z customers, and L’Oreal’s use of AI to stay ahead of its competition in the beauty industry.

Learn from these real-life stories and share over 16 data-packed charts with your colleagues in this comprehensive report on ecommerce platforms.

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