ZoidPay Shopping Pools in 2-minutes: Become a Web 3.0 Digital Bank

We are gearing up for the sale of the next lot of 100 Shopping Pools. Many of you’ll have recently joined the ZoidPay community and have expressed curiosity on what the Shopping Pools are and what owning a Shopping Pool means.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding the Shopping Pools and the benefits that come from owning one, What is a Shopping Pool?

A Shopping Pool is a way for you to be an entrepreneur. It combines elements of blockchain & eCommerce. Think of it as an “Online Store” that generates passive income for you. Why have one?

A Shopping Pool is a gateway for unlimited passive income. If you’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur, but the thought of setting up a business is daunting, a Shopping Pool is ideal for you.

Let’s talk benefits: Special staking rewards of 15% for pool owners. So, even if you do absolutely nothing in growing your pool, you get a guaranteed return of 15% on your deposited ZPAY (required to own one). Talk about protecting your capital investment.

Staking ZPAY is only possible through a Shopping Pool . So a user looking to stake ZPAY will have to join a Shopping Pool

You earn 1% of the total revenue generated by your pool . Let’s say over a period of 1 year, you’ve managed to build your Shopping Pool to have 500 stakers. As per Statista , the average value of global online shopping orders as of the 3rd quarter of 2020 was $120. A conservative estimate of 6 transactions a year for this group of users translates into a Shopping Pool revenue of $360,000 a year. You earn 1% of that. There is no cap on the revenue you can receive

Coming soon are DeFi modules within the Shopping Pool. Extend loans […]

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