Why NFTs Lead to Financial Freedom and How Entrepreneurs can Benefit Most; a Conversation with Wavy Sharks Society

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2022 / Over the past couple of years, the phrase “financial freedom” has been all the rave. While many entrepreneurs have started their financial freedom journeys through businesses or investing in stocks and real estate, many have yet to dabble in the world of digital currency. In terms of risk and reward, NFTs and Cryptocurrency do present greater risk than other investment vehicles, but they also present endless opportunities for rewards like no other. A key player in the digital currency industry is Wavy Sharks Society, an exclusive organization of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and investors that are making a change in the business world. Rckstr is the visionary of Wavy Sharks Society. A crypto investor & trader, he’s experienced success in various markets from eCommerce to marketing to rental businesses. Rckstr created the vision and mission for Wavy Sharks in late 2021, with the idea of making a community-centered project providing ultimate utility for the community. “I see so many projects focused on the short term, we wanted to create something that will reward those who hold out for the long term.” Wavy Sharks was founded because not everyone has the answers, support system, or experience to be able to chase their dreams. They want to change that by creating a society that grants all members access to valuable advice, support, and help people can’t get anywhere else. By holding a WavyShark, members hold a key to unparalleled opportunity to not only chase their dreams but invest in a project built for its members. “We are creating a P2E game, creating our WavyCoin token, hosting member events, helping holders start their businesses, and of course, donating 20% of revenue towards various charitable causes around ocean/marine life conservation,” says Rckstr about the company’s […]

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