Trust Payments launches Stor e-commerce platform in the US distributed by third-party partner ISOs/banks

ROSWELL, Ga., March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trust Payments , the disruptive leader in fintech specializing in frictionless payments and value-added services, is today launching Stor , an innovative e-commerce platform for small and medium businesses. Through the launch, Trust Payments is enabling ISOs, banks and other third parties to sell Stor direct to merchants in the USA.

The US launch comes after Trust Payments completed its acquisition of the Stor technology in early 2022 to accelerate e-commerce offerings for small and medium sized organizations who can often struggle with digitization strategies. Stor offers powerful online shopping solutions to equip merchants with extensive easy-to-use tools. Full support will be offered from dedicated staff based in the US to help ensure smooth implementations and use of the system across the country.

“We believe Stor is going to be a disruptor in the market. It will be a value-added solution for our partners to help broaden their relationships in their current book of business while remaining competitive and differentiated. With Stor, our partners will have a powerful eCommerce solution that is simple to set up and allows their merchant’s businesses to expand their reach. Stor enables today’s businesses to be omnichannel in the ever-expanding eCommerce landscape,” said Jonathan O’Connor, Group Chief Commercial Officer and US CEO of Trust Payments.

With the addition of Stor, Trust Payments’ unique Converged Commerce™ proposition combines payments and banking as a service with added value services. Stor’s innovative technology offers a simple design and powerful built-in features that do not require any coding or IT knowledge. Using drag and drop, business owners can create their ideal online store in just a few clicks. By using the pre-built solution, users have access to hundreds of features from advanced web design, AI analytics tools, SEO, functionality to accepting credit and debit […]

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