Top 5 Most Traded Metaverse Crypto Coins to Watch in February 2022

There are hundreds of Metaverse crypto coins on the market. One way to differentiate popular projects is to look at the 24-hour trading volume of various Metaverse coins. This article looks at the top five most traded Metaverse crypto coins to watch in February 2022, ordered by 24-hour trading volume, lowest to highest. #5 Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) – $254 million

Launching in November 2021, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is a 2D action-adventure Metaverse game featuring procedurally generated levels. The game involves players mining for resources and combining various in-game assets to improve their gear to unlock the secrets of the game’s universe.

All assets in the MoD Metaverse are tokenized as NFTs, allowing players to own their equipment, characters, and gear fully. Moreover, Mines of Dalarnia enables players to become landowners in their Metaverse, generating passive rewards in the form of tokens, mining taxes, and more.

Mines of Dalarnia is built on Chromia. A relational blockchain explicitly made for Metaverse crypto coins enabling developers to build applications much faster.

Mines of Dalarnia features a robust game economy involving Mining Plot Owners and Miners. Players don’t have to stick with one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time.

Mining Plot owners can charge rental fees to players who wish to mine their plots, generating passive income for their virtual real estate.

DAR is the native token to the Mines of Dalarnia platform and enables players to purchase in-game assets and perform various in-game activities.

You can purchase DAR on PancakeSwap, Binance,, and more. #4 Axie Infinity (AXS) – $458 million Launched in March 2018, Axie Infinity is a pioneer in Metaverse crypto gaming. It features the most dynamic economy and, over the past year, enabled players to generate a living wage for playing their game.Axie Infinity […]

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