The Animal Crypto Degen Yield Farm: My Strategy

A summary of my strategy on crypto degen yield farm for crypto passive income PS: I am writing this to help all those souls who want to participate in The Animal Farm yield farming which is a layer 2 farms of which has successfully run for 14 days but as I see most people are overwhelmed and wondering how to play the farm.

The key is let’s keep it simple

A quick summary of what is yield farm is essentially are liquidity pools whose only purpose is to accumulate liquidity and provide participants with rewards as returns for providing liquidity. But in the crypto sphere, many yield farms are launching just for the sake of earning money for developers of the farms. Only experts in yield farming can consistently make money from those yield farms while the majority lose their deposit too. This is why usually they are called degen yield farms (i.e., either you win some money or lose it all just like a lottery ticket)

Please go through my Crypto Degen Yield Farm guide I am linking here for an easy understanding of how to play these farms safely My strategy on The Animal Farm is to keep it simple in the upcoming Animal farm by the same developer for DRIP . The Animal Farm

Animal farm ( ) is being launched by the developer Forex SharkSifu on 3rd February 2022 who is also a developer of DRIP which provides 1% daily and 24% a month returns . For more information on DRIP please go through my earlier article here. Animal farm is just another crypto degen yield farm and I am providing my strategy how I am planning to play it safe on the animal farm here by keeping it simple. Native Pool staking (High […]

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