Stader Labs Introduces Fantom Liquid Staking Pool to Simplify Staking Management for FTM Users

SYDNEY, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stader Labs , a cryptocurrency staking infra platform, today announced its upcoming expansion to Fantom , bringing its liquid staking pools and next-gen staking infrastructure. Upon completion of the implementation next month, Fantom users will have the ability to leverage Stader’s user-friendly staking solution, which will further secure and strengthen the Fantom network with greater stake decentralization. Stader currently has its staking solutions deployed on Terra with ~6 million Luna staked by 25,000 unique wallets.

Over the past year, staking has grown into one of the most popular practices among cryptocurrency users for its ability to generate passive income despite unpredictable market conditions. According to the recent Staked Stake of Staking report, the market cap for Proof-of-Stake protocols accounts for 54% of the total crypto market cap – boasting 100% quarterly growth. With the projected growth of staking rewards expected to reach nearly $18 billion, Fantom anticipates delivering a simplified staking solution to holders through Stader’s best-in-class infrastructure.

“Stader is among the most exciting platforms in the space, as it offers an incredibly simple avenue for crypto enthusiasts to put their assets to work,” commented Fantom CEO, Michael Kong. “We believe that Stader will continue to generate value for users, and we could not be more excited to bring its capabilities to FTM holders.”

Once fully integrated, the Fantom community will be able to take advantage of: Liquid staking. Users will be able to mint liquid tokens on staked FTM and leverage it on DeFi protocols on Fantom and across broader PoS ecosystems for additional DeFi strategies.

Stake pools. Users will be able to easily earn staking rewards, with single-click staking to multiple validators at the same time.

The Fantom network will also benefit from Stader’s approach, which will increase network decentralization by […]

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